We have Oriental Marquees for Hire and range from a 4m x 4m to a 6m x 6m Oriental Marquees. Marquees can be joined together to make a 6m x 12m to 6m x 18m and so on or a 12m x12m if need be , We have put these Marquees in Gardens, and to add on`s to Houses  . And been used for various things from a display Marquee, First Aid Point, more room on a village Hall to a Band Stand.Plus an Extra Marquee as an Entrance Marquee or as a stand alone for a Red Carpet Entrance . And can put in Linings , Lights, Carpets , Coconut Matting to a Hard Wood Flooring at extra cost.

4m x 4m Oriental as an Wedding Entrance Marquee

Silver Stone Classic VIP Area Marquees 2 x 6m x 6m 

4m x 4m as a Red Carpet Entrance Marquee

4m x 4m Marquee as an extra room for a Party Marquee

6m x 6m Oriental Marquee for a VIP Area

3 x  6m x 6m  Orientals together

This gives you an area of 6m x 18m

Inside a 6m x 12m Marquee for an afternoon Tea Party

6m x 3m Clearspan Marquee as a Band Shelter 

6m x 9m Clearspan Marquee between two 6m x 6m Oriental Marquees

6m x 12m Clearspan Marquee between 

two 6m x 6m Oriental Marquees 

Giving you a 6m x 24m Marquee

Gazebo Hire 3m x 3m with door and window Panel 

Ideal as an Event Entrance , Security Post or First Aid Post. 

We also do Coconut Matting or Wooden Flooring 

And supply Tables and Chairs

6m x 12m Clearspan Marquee

Budget Marquee

ideal the smaller garden Party`s

4m x 6m Party Tent 

which you can seat up to 28 people 

Below is a Marquee we did for DAF Trucks and Channel Commercials at Shepherd Neame Brewery in Faversham  Kent .

 We can now do Banner Frames for Marquees.

From 3m across to 6m and up to 6m tall.

Showing here is a 6m x 4m tall frame.

And can do longer if needed.

Be it Summer or Winter months, an outdoor event can be affected by the weather. If you and your guests have gone to all of the effort dressing up for the occasion, the last thing you need is to get caught out by an unexpected shower.

With Marquee Hire from Dallas Event Services you will have an area that your guests can shelter should the weather turn bad. with our Oriental Marquees we can transform any venue into a stunning area to hold your event , from Corporate Events to Parties and Weddings.

Based in Kent , we can provide you with the complete Event Hire Service, including Table and Chair Hire, and with our prices being highly competitive , our Marquees provide a very cost effective alternative to indoor venues.

We are always up-dating and adding to our range of Marquees, so for Events, Parties, Displays to Band Stand or Promotions to First Aid Marquees we can cover it.

Our Marquee Hire covers Kent , parts of Surrey, Essex and London and further for big Events such as Air Shows and Festivals.

These Marquees can be standalone or joined together. Be hired by themselves or as a package with table and chairs , lighting and flooring. 

We look forward to hearing from you.