White Picket Fencing Hire


2ft Tall White Picket Fencing 
Panels 2ft x 5ft 4 inches 
60cm x 1.6m
Panel from £ 5.45 each 
Per Day / Weekend

2ft Picket Fencing is ideal for Displays , Making a Garden Area
Been used at most indoor Areas
for displays & Garden Party`s,
Concerts , Festivals 
Self Standing
And Just`s Hooks together


3ft Tall White Picket Fencing
Panels 3ft x 6ft 
90cm x 1.8m
Panel from £ 6.45 each
Per Day / Weekend

3ft Picket Fencing is ideal for
VIP Areas that look great and 
people can not stand over.
Been used for Festivals,
Concerts, Air shows and
Motor Shows.
Self Standing 
And Just`s Hooks together